Sunday, August 31, 2008

Avant Guardians

Avant Guardians is a series of small books written by Linda Weintraub addressing the environment from several different disciplines including art. The Avant Guardians website has some great links. Linda spoke last year at Goucher, an interesting lecture blog-worthy. If you are interested in the intersection of art and the environment and art, science and the environment check out Linda's work.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Eco-Bags in 3 Minutes, 36 Seconds

Creatives who are successful are in touch with the world today. They listen to the news. They read newspapers and magazines. They observe; a key skill of any designer, artist, entrepreneur. I call it keeping your finger on the pulse. Success is dependent on having your finger on the pulse of whichever field you are interested. In the classroom I talk about Design Pulses and have a "column" on another blog of the design pulses I mention in class.

I listen to NPR, or National Public Radio, most days, all day, during the summer. As I make the coffee, research something new, model designs, run errands, get showered and dressed, etc. During the school year that tuning in changes to on my way to and from work and streaming when I am in my office. This morning I heard a good little snipet of information that made me think of two of my courses this coming semester: Design and Social Entrepreneurship and Design + Production. The 3 minute, 36 second spot was on Eco Bags. Check it out.

I like to eat, well. I want my students to eat. And eat well if they want.